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Net-DRI-0.X_tdw with new gTLD support

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Net-DRI-0.X-tdw is a fork of Net-DRI from Patrick Mevzek Home Page, CPAN based on Net-DRI-0.96_05 that includes support for new gTLDs, as well as a few other experimental changes. While some of these changes might be merged into the main release, there is no guarantee that they will be, or that they will be exactly the same if they do, so please consider this fork "mostly stable", but experimental.

LaunchPhase extension

Based on draft-ietf-eppext-launchphase-01

New gTLD backend providers (RO's)

Afnic, Afilias, ARI, CoCCA, CentralNIC, CoreNIC, Charleston Road Registry, CNNIC, Donuts, Famous Four Media, GMO Registry, KNET, KSRegistry (Starting Dot), Minds And Machines, Neustar, Nic.BR, Nic.MX, Nominet, OpenRegistry, Registry-in-a-Box from NicAT, Rightside, SIDN, Tango from KNIPP, TCI, TeleInfo, UniRegistry, Verisign, ZACR

Planned/Possible support for providers


Trademark services

TMCH (Deloitte) TMDB (IBM): CNIS and SMDRL only

Added/Updated/Fixed support for ccTLDs

UK, IT, ES, NO, SE/NU (IIS module), BE, EU, DE, CH, ZA, CO, MX, LV, DK, US, PH, CN, AE


The NGTLD "Super-DRD" is intended to work for all new gTLD providers with minimal fuss. In principle you can add the registry by selecting the provider and optionally customise the name and TLDs available. In some cases, traditional DRD's are in still availalble, but they are likely to be outdated.

$dri->add_registry('NGTLD',{clid => '...',provider=>'...',name=>'...', tlds=>[]});
Selecting a back end provider
$dri->add_registry('NGTLD',{clid => 'ClientX',provider=>'Neustar'});
Backend providers with shared environments

Donuts is an example of a backend that provides a single platform for all their TLDs. Normally only specifying the provider will suite your needs

$dri->add_registry('NGTLD',{clid => 'ClientX',provider=>'donuts'});
Backend providers with dedicated environments

Neustar is an example of a backend provider that provides a dedicated environment per TLD, so you may like to use the TLD as the target name. e.g: add a custom target name, by default this is the back end provider name, but in this instance we select buzz Note, if the name you specified matches one of the TLD's and you have not manually specified the tld list, if will use only this TLD. If the name doesn't match a TLD, it will make all TLD's by the prover available in the DRD

$dri->add_registry('NGTLD',{clid => 'ClientX',provider=>'neustar',name=>'buzz'});

Some TLDs have specific extensions that need to be loaded. In the case of NYC it is required to either set name or tlds parameter in order to load the Nexus extension

$dri->add_registry('NGTLD',{clid => 'ClientX',provider=>'neustar',name=>'nyc'}); # using name
$dri->add_registry('NGTLD',{clid => 'ClientX',provider=>'neustar',name=>'whatever',tlds=['nyc']}); # using tld
Some experimental ngTLD functions
$rc = $dri->domain_check_claims('test.tld',{phase=>'landrush'});
$lp = $dri->get_info('lp');
$claim_key = ($lp->{'exist'}) ? $lp->{'claim_key'} : undef;

$rc = $dri->domain_check_price('test.tld');